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[SET10012]LUCIMOシリーズ照明器具の設定方法(FOR ENGLISH)

Setting Instructions for LUCIMO Series Lighting Fixtures


We will demonstrate the remote control setup for VENTOTA's LUCIMO series remote-controlled light bulbs through videos.

Function and Pairing Method Introduction


If you've just bought light bulbs and a remote control and need to set up multiple bulbs, we offer two setup modes:

  • 【Individual pairing】Set each light bulb to the corresponding channel number on the remote control one by one.

  • ​【Unified pairing】Set all light bulbs to channel 1 on the remote control.

If you need to change settings or wish to reset failed configurations:

  • 【Individual unpairing】Cancel the channel number settings for each light bulb and the remote control one by one.

  • 【Unified unpairing】Cancel all settings between the light bulbs and the remote control.

If you want to learn the specific remote control operating instructions:

  • 【Dimming&Color adjustment】Using the remote control to control the brightness and color temperature of the light.





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